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Grinding, keeping up with Black Panther madness, and doing some client work. It’s a stressful, wonderful, and tiring March so far. I’ve listened to some great podcasts this month. Brad Feld interviewing Jerry Colonna was my favorite, it really got into learning about the self, aging, and staying present – at least those were my takeaways.

Goals for this month.

  • Using my journal on a daily basis
  • Being still, listening to my heart, taking digital sabbaticals
  • Reducing carbs – I’ve noticed when I go low carb my fingers feel phenomenal, when I have to much, they’re stiffer. Early onset arthritis? Carpal tunnel? Lazy hands from not “computering” enough? Not too worried about the cause, the results are great.

Onto some sleep, as it’s 4:19 am in Seattle.