What if jobs are not the solution but the problem? | Aeon Essays

This is the pain that The Donald preyed on. The American Dream that has been sold to us for the last century is a broken system. The idea that work itself is going to be obsolete will have almost unimaginable effects on society.

What will we do? Will it be a version of Wall-E?


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At no point in recorded history has the entirety of humanity been free of work. I’d imagine there will still be a need for a plethora of maintenance jobs for our robot and AI workers. Will philosophy reign and humankind just exercise and philosphize to pass the time?

This snippet is just a part of a really interesting article, I’m still here boggled at what would define us if it’s not work.

For now, back to work.

Until now, the principle of productivity has functioned as the reality principle that made the American Dream seem plausible. ‘Work hard, play by the rules, get ahead’, or, ‘You get what you pay for, you make your own way, you rightly receive what you’ve honestly earned’ – such homilies and exhortations used to make sense of the world. At any rate they didn’t sound delusional. By now they do.

Source: What if jobs are not the solution but the problem? | Aeon Essays

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Tim Gives No Fucks


The recipe for new thought, positive change, and incidentally – my parents being able to legally get married in 1970. 

“Not giving a fuck doesn’t mean indifference, it means being comfortable with being different.” -Mark Manson

The rules for not giving a fuck:

1. Not when adopted as a non-conforming posture because you actually give too many.

2. Not when it is at the expense of other’s rights.

3. Not when it neglects your responsibility to your people (humans, ALL of them), and to your home (that would be Earth). In fact, if the truth be told, Tim would just soar to new heights with his eyes skyward, no need for #flippingthebird – most of the greatest innovators and disruptors kept their fucks to themselves.

None given?

Rosa Parks.

Harvey Milk.

Edward Snowden.

Susan B Anthony.

Harriet Tubman.

John F. Kennedy (Yes, I said the MOON, you heard me)

Not giving a fuck about externally enforced constraints when you believe in a better way frees your mind to GIVE a fuck about the greater good.

Perhaps George Bernard Shaw said it best: “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

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How to fix a bad user interface – Scott Hurff

But we don’t speak binary. We think in flows, and we’re used to the physical world. When a door opens, it swings on an arc. When something travels, you can see it move. When something falls, you can see it bounce.

Awkward UI is when a product designer doesn’t take these things into account. That means that somewhere along the line, some rules have been broken.

Source: How to fix a bad user interface – Scott Hurff

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From Macleod Sawyer’s “The 9 truths that computer programmers know that most people don’t.”

Fact #4

“Programming is thinking, not typing.” – Casey Patton

Most of programming is spent sleeping, walking around, staring out the window, or doing anything else that helps you relax and think. Relaxing is a major key to programming, it’s not just sitting down and writing a thousand or more lines or code, and pushing out a program or app. We have to sit down, walk around, and just think. We need to think about how to come up with the concept, fix the issues with it, find a way to make it work, how it’s going to work. Relaxation is the only way we can fix the issues the best way we can.



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