Throwback Post: Blacks in Tech on Twitter

A throwback post from 2013 / Enjoy!

I’ve wanted to write this post for a while, but I wanted to come at it the right way. This isn’t an article about blacks in technology from an exclusionary standpoint, but from a positive empowerment one. I hope the day comes when it’s not a rare thing for non-asian minority males to be found in technology, but we’re not there yet. Call it curating a cadre of role-models for my son, that I’ve admired myself.

1) Paul Judge, PhD @pauljudge
If there’s any king in the black digerati (with a respectful nod to Omar Wasow) these days it’s Paul Quantas Judge, PhD. Just with the name it sounds like this guy makes more than you do. Chances are highly likely. Judge was on the founding team of CipherTrust which got acquired by Secure Computing for $273 million, and now works for Barracuda Networks after they acquired his startup Purewire. On my short list of possibles for first black owner of an NFL franchise.

2) Rey Flemings @reyflemings
Rey is a serial entrepreneur, starting with Particle – a “product foundry which makes useful and inventive tools that marry technology and community riding the wave of the new media revolution.” He followed this up as founder and CEO of Tenman Digital and Tenman Records, ventures backed by Justin Timberlake’s early stage tech investment arm. His newest project, Stipple aims to revolutionize the syndication of data within digital images.

3) Amos Winbush III @techceo
Amos Winbush III was someone I came across in Inc. magazine and caught my attention both because of his company Cybersynchs and his sartorial streak. It’s nice to see a lot of the NYC startups are flipping the script on the Zuckerberg/West Coast relaxed style. Cybersynchs is a company that was founded when Winbush lost the data on his phone one too many times, and now provides data backup to over half a million consumers.

4) Kingsley Harris @kingsleyharris
Kingsley is a product designer at Facebook. Previously he was a co-founder at the innovative “actionable social bookmarking” service.

5) Sean Gardner @2morrowknight
I won’t try to say more than this excerpt of the bio from HuffPost: “2morrowknight is a social media adviser and correspondent who blogs for Social Media Week, Smedio, and The Huffington Post, and has appeared on CNN, PBS, and FOX. His work has also appeared in Fast Company, Buzzfeed, The Stimulist, Mission Hot Mama, Womentality Magazine and” I heard about Sean from the always connected Terri Nakamura, and particularly enjoyed his piece with Paul Steele “Rise of the Female Geek.”

6) Kevin McFall @redclaydigital
Kevin McFall has been around the technology game for a while, with experience founding Red Clay Digital and co-founding Most recently he developed and co-launched, a top TV, Movie, and Celebrity destination.

7) Ron J Williams @ronjdub
Ron currently is working on Get Simplist, a new deep data analysis tool for social media. He also still manages his previous startup SnapGoods, a way to connect with locals to rent or borrow the things you need.

8) Tristan Walker @tristanwalker
Tristan holds a B.A. degree in Economics from Stony Brook University, where he graduated as valedictorian and he also holds a MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Until recently, he was the VP of Business Development at FourSquare, but recently left to become an Entrepreneur in Residence at Andreesen HorowitzUPDATE – Tristan Walker has left Andreesen Horowitz to start Bevel, a high end razor company serving men of color.

9) Mark Essien @markessien
Last but not least, Mark Essien is a programmer/developer for mobile and web that I’ve been following for a long time. He is behind, a highly regarded web provider of hotel booking and amenities information. He is based in Abuja, Nigeria.

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Tim Gives No Fucks


The recipe for new thought, positive change, and incidentally – my parents being able to legally get married in 1970. 

“Not giving a fuck doesn’t mean indifference, it means being comfortable with being different.” -Mark Manson

The rules for not giving a fuck:

1. Not when adopted as a non-conforming posture because you actually give too many.

2. Not when it is at the expense of other’s rights.

3. Not when it neglects your responsibility to your people (humans, ALL of them), and to your home (that would be Earth). In fact, if the truth be told, Tim would just soar to new heights with his eyes skyward, no need for #flippingthebird – most of the greatest innovators and disruptors kept their fucks to themselves.

None given?

Rosa Parks.

Harvey Milk.

Edward Snowden.

Susan B Anthony.

Harriet Tubman.

John F. Kennedy (Yes, I said the MOON, you heard me)

Not giving a fuck about externally enforced constraints when you believe in a better way frees your mind to GIVE a fuck about the greater good.

Perhaps George Bernard Shaw said it best: “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

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Billionaire in 2 years. Also, I love Quora.

One of the more interesting questions I’ve seen on Quora recently was “I want to be a billionaire in 2 years; how can I plan that?

Below is an entertaining and possible, though ridiculously improbable route.

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How to fix a bad user interface – Scott Hurff

But we don’t speak binary. We think in flows, and we’re used to the physical world. When a door opens, it swings on an arc. When something travels, you can see it move. When something falls, you can see it bounce.

Awkward UI is when a product designer doesn’t take these things into account. That means that somewhere along the line, some rules have been broken.

Source: How to fix a bad user interface – Scott Hurff

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