Quarantine: Day Unknown

Guy on couch

On this illustrious day, which I think is day 40, but it all blends together. Officially it started on the 03/23/20, but if I remember correctly, most people were already well settled into the couch a week or so earlier.

I’ve gotten into a decent routine during the past 40’ish days, middling on productivity, but so far avoiding going stir crazy.

During the time of the great indoors, everyone is talking about what to watch, at least after they finish Tiger King and Ozark. I have for the most part only succeeded in finding movies I don’t want to watch. There have been a few exceptions:
I Am Mother – pretty good for a low budget Netflix original.
Extraction – this is basically John Wick with Chris Hemsworth, down to the kill methods. Nothing particularly original, but a watchable enough movie to get through.
Core – I just finished this one, I found it really pleasing to stumble across a sci-fi/action movie that I hadn’t heard of. Great cast, a tick or two above mediocre execution, worth it for the $0.00 price on Netflix.

Ate a pound of bacon just now (Keto baby!) and a brotha is getting sleepy. I’ve promised myself for about a month I was going to reboot this blog, so hoooooray for me, it feels good to keep my word with myself.

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