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This is the pain that The Donald preyed on. The American Dream that has been sold to us for the last century is a broken system. The idea that work itself is going to be obsolete will have almost unimaginable effects on society.

What will we do? Will it be a version of Wall-E?


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At no point in recorded history has the entirety of humanity been free of work. I’d imagine there will still be a need for a plethora of maintenance jobs for our robot and AI workers. Will philosophy reign and humankind just exercise and philosphize to pass the time?

This snippet is just a part of a really interesting article, I’m still here boggled at what would define us if it’s not work.

For now, back to work.

Until now, the principle of productivity has functioned as the reality principle that made the American Dream seem plausible. ‘Work hard, play by the rules, get ahead’, or, ‘You get what you pay for, you make your own way, you rightly receive what you’ve honestly earned’ – such homilies and exhortations used to make sense of the world. At any rate they didn’t sound delusional. By now they do.

Source: What if jobs are not the solution but the problem? | Aeon Essays

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